Do you know if your code was falsely flagged as malicious by an anti-virus vendor?

Get alerted when your application is flagged by anti-virus vendors, so that you can report any false positives before customers start complaining.

We will periodically scan your application and let you know as soon as any anti-virus vendor falsely flags it as malicious.

We will let you know when a false positive is detected.

Maximum file size is 32MB.

Describe the file, if its name is not unique enough.

What is False Positive Watch?
False Positive Watch is a free service that periodically scans submitted files using VirusTotal and looks for new detections. Any new detections are emailed to you so you can resolve the false positive with the anti-virus vendor.
We are also working on a service that will automatically report the false positives for you. Drop us a line at if you'd like to get early access.
What are false positives?
A false positive is when anti-virus vendors detect normal safe files as viruses. When this happens, the anti-virus removes or blocks the file and that can cause applications like Chrome to stop functioning. This can happen even to critical system files that are required for Windows to function.
How can false positives be resolved?
Every anti-virus vendor has its own process to resolve false positives. This process would usually require you to submit the file in question with your company's identifying information. They then take a few days to verify the file is legitimately not malicious before finally resolving the issue.
Do you keep my files on your server?
We do not keep copies of your files on our servers after they are scanned for the first time, but VirusTotal does. We are working on an option to submit just file hashes and it will be available soon.